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Embedded SnapEDA Interview with Me Re: EE

During this past summer, Natasha (the founder of SnapEDA) and I had a chat about hardware design - which turned into an “Engineering Spotlight” on the SnapEDA blog.

It was a fun little interview, with some questions that were a bit more thought provoking than I had expected at first blush.

I’d like to amend my answer to the following question:

“Do you have any words of wisdom for EEs, or those wishing to pursue a career in our industry?”

To which, I replied:

‘Measure twice, cut once’ -> Check, double check, and triple check your schematics before layout and production.

I’d like to re-visit that statement and append a quadruple check as well!

Remember, in the hardware world, board revisions happen on the order of weeks, not hours. So, skipping a day of schematic review can easily translate into 2 (or more) lost weeks of schedule.