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Thoughts 19 Startup Ideas Waiting To Be Stolen

In the spirit of FOSS (free and open-source software), I’ve decided to open-source a bunch of lingering startup ideas that I would like to see come to fruition. I guess I’ve technically already open-sourced them, seeing as how I’ve already tweeted them - but to make everyone’s lives marginally easier - here they all are!

Note: Since tweeting about them, apparently some of them have become reality.

Additional note: These are as serious as you want them to be…

Around the House

#startup idea: His/Her alarm clocks - works on the assumption that men/women hear different frequencies at different intensities

— Suresh Joshi (@SJoshi84) January 14, 2016

#startup idea: @github for Chefs (food, not IT automation) - I source control EVERYTHING, and Wiki everything else… Recipes especially so

— Suresh Joshi (@SJoshi84) September 3, 2015


#startup idea: antibacterial washroom door handles - for those who go to the washroom and ‘forget’ to wash their hands

— Suresh Joshi (@SJoshi84) January 13, 2016

#startup idea: @IBMWatson

  • your patents + USPTO database + database of all patent trolls = Probability of being sued over time/revenue

— Suresh Joshi (@SJoshi84) August 28, 2015


#startup idea: hardware security USB dongle running Keepass equivalent - cross-platform, one click login with copy/paste protection

— Suresh Joshi (@SJoshi84) January 13, 2016


#startup idea: GPS inside a swiss army knife - that way, your life doesn't depend on your battery and ability to not play #AngryBirds

— Suresh Joshi (@SJoshi84) September 1, 2015

#startup idea: List of bad drivers + #Kickstarter + #Uber = Publicly funded way to keep worst drivers off the road and improve traffic

— Suresh Joshi (@SJoshi84) January 18, 2016


#startup idea: Amazon Prime-er… $160/year for next day free shipping

— Suresh Joshi (@SJoshi84) September 17, 2015

#startup idea: Itinerary + Google Maps API = Push notification when to leave your house to arrive on time

— Suresh Joshi (@SJoshi84) September 3, 2015

#startup idea: pooper-scooper Roomba for the backyard

— Suresh Joshi (@SJoshi84) August 22, 2015


@nmacmunn > #startup idea: LinkedIn Smellovision

— Suresh Joshi (@SJoshi84) September 6, 2015


#startup idea: Drones

  • legalized gambling + 3d racetrack = amazeballs.

— Suresh Joshi (@SJoshi84) January 15, 2016

#startup idea: drones with targets flying around the driving range. Like the shielded golf cart man, but in the 3rd dimension #billionaire

— Suresh Joshi (@SJoshi84) August 22, 2015

A Bit Too Late

#startup idea: Start a new digital currency and be the first one in so you have a pile of them in case it takes off. Ah dag… #bitcoin

— Suresh Joshi (@SJoshi84) December 9, 2015

#startup idea: Umbrella + wind sensors + hat = Hands-free, directional umbrella (amusingly this was patented 10 years ago)

— Suresh Joshi (@SJoshi84) January 20, 2016

Playing the Long Game

#startup idea: Ask a 6 year old what the coolest thing they can imagine is, patent it, and take the next 10 years to build it

— Suresh Joshi (@SJoshi84) November 30, 2015

One-Two Punch

#startup idea: License plate reader + laser detector + cloud = automated ticketing machine

— Suresh Joshi (@SJoshi84) August 25, 2015

#startup idea: #ConnectedCar GPS scrambler - for privacy and eliminating cloud speeding tickets

— Suresh Joshi (@SJoshi84) August 27, 2015

Overly Ambitious

#startup idea (#China-specific): Giant fan to blow away pollution, instead of importing fresh #Canadian air by the can…

— Suresh Joshi (@SJoshi84) December 28, 2015

Feature Photo credit: clement127 / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND